Our five-step process aims to help our clients better understand their financial well-being. It begins in the discovery phase where we jointly discuss your current financial health and all of the goals you wish to accomplish. During the exploration phase, we take the parameters agreed upon to identify aligned opportunities and strategies to help you reach your goals. We then present these findings during the recommendation phase, where you will have the opportunity to work with us to select the best strategy for your specific needs. After an agreed upon action plan is established, we will begin to execute your plan and provide ongoing advice by monitoring your accounts to ensure that the selected strategies continue to meet your needs.

Our Process: Discovery


1. Discovery

  • Identify your needs and objectives
  • Discuss your personal and professional goals
  • Assess your current financial situation
Our Process: Exploration


2. Exploration

  • Gather data and establish priorities
  • Identify strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Assess Risk
Our Process: Recommendations


3. Recommendations

  • Present the results of our analysis and discuss strategy
  • Fine-tune the strategy based on your goals
  • Deliver the process and present the approach
Our Process: Execution


4. Execution

  • Review suitable products and services based on your goals
  • Choose and implement your financial plan
Our Process: Ongoing Reviews and Planning


5. Ongoing Reviews and Planning

  • Proactively communicate with you to gauge and discuss progress
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviewing of your financial situation, goals, and strategy
  • Maintain flexibility as your needs change